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We create ecological Ikigai-Buildings in selected unique locations – for your fantastic investment
to create future together!

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Why Real Estate in Colombia?

Especially in the 21st century, we have noticed regularly how fragile our economy can be (dot-com-bubble, 2008/09, Covid19). Real estate, on the other hand, is a continuously stable investment. Not only is Real estate stable, but - despite economic crises -  increases in value.

Colombia - Is it even safe?

Many countries that were said to be unsafe have tried very hard to innovate in recent years (e.g. Thailand, El Salvador, Philippines). Colombia even was once the county with the most dangerous city in the world. However, it has developed significantly since then - made many changes boosting safety, and subsequently is one of the most popular holiday destinations in South America today. 


Over the last years the new government has ensured safe and stable conditions throughout Colombia, starting in medium-sized cities such as Santa Marta. Santa Marta, celebrating its 500th birthday in 2025, wants to have implemented a complete urban renewal plan by then and become a green city! We are lucky we can support them in their mission, and the HaNaTe project is an essential part of it!

Our future is currently very uncertain

Financial future:

Demographic change and the economy are developing in worrying directions! From 2030 pensions will no longer be sufficient for everyone. We need to rethink now how to escape old-age poverty. 


Environmental future:

The components of the environment and climate change pose a significant challenge for the entire world. We slide into a climate catastrophe and run the risk of leaving our children and grandchildren with a broken, uninhabitable earth!


Let's do something about it together, make our individual impression and contribution! Every UGRE Ikigai apartment helps the environment through providing an environmentally friendly space, but also aids organisations in on-site protection of the wildlife. 


With an Urban Gorilla Ikigai apartment we provide for our own retirement and with rental income, money immediately flows back to the investor every month.

What other advantages do I have with Urban Gorilla Ikigai apartments?

Are you longing for more adventure in your life? We have the answer! The tranquil Caribbean Sea, the rainforest, the highest coastal mountain in the world (Pico Cristobal Colon), an old colonial town and much more will enrich your life and give you incredible memories.


Enjoy our roof gardens, fitness center, communal area and coworking space with a great indoor climate and take advantage of the proximity to the river park and the Playa Cocos beach


We plan for people, based on the latest innovative science in connection with the wisdom of Japanese aesthetics!

Why Urban Gorilla?

Our Values

Japanese Aesthetic

This stands for a fundamental connection to nature, the reflection on oneself as a person and the connection with society. We apply the contained values to our products (apartments) and to our stakeholder activities, the corporate values , and the company's internal processes. This means that we are open, transparent, collaborative and communicative towards our customers and other parties involved.

Construction Bionics

Bionics is the connection with the phenomena of nature-based on technical implementation and thus originates entirely from Japanese aesthetics. Shizen (power of nature) and Kachō Fūgetsu (the beauty of nature) indicate the application of construction bionics.

Architectural Psychology

The focus is on making use of nature's processes, paying attention again to the underlying principles of life and diversity, as well as rest, relaxation, growth, and happiness and self-realization. Ikigai and Wabi Sabi, for example, stand for corresponding perspectives and create a new concept of life/worldview.


Our "design" promotes the skills of architectural psychology and support the natural aesthetics of building ionic concepts and emotional perceptions.

What is your IKIGAI?


Our aim is to offer you the best possible investment tailored to your very own needs and preferences.

Help us to get to know your personal iKIGAI by answering the following questions.

Why you should invest with Us

May the Lifestyle be with you.



We want to enable a relationship between NATURE and HUMAN, but also HUMAN and SOCIETY.



By putting these elements in perfect harmony: Japanese Aesthetics - Bionics - Architecture Psychology - Design



We create ecological Ikigai Buildings in selected unique locations - for your investment to create future together.



Nowhere else is it possible to get such luxury apartments for such a price in a comparable paradisiacal environment with a correspondingly high quality of life.

our story

Who is Urban Gorilla?

Who we are and what we stand for is not only best described by our CEOs, Thomas Dellweg and Toshi Nishino but by the whole team:


  • Thomas is a German financier who graduated from college in the USA and was able to gain several years of self-employed experience in Spain, the Philippines, Paraguay and Colombia.


  • Toshi is a German-Japanese architect, construction bionic and business lawyer. He is currently writing two dissertations in the fields of architecture and cultural and social anthropology. Moreover, out of interest and to round off his knowledge, he is studying business psychology.


  • His wife Veronika is an Austrian clinical psychologist, systemic psychotherapist and emergency psychologist.


  • Paul is an London based Austrian architect/urbanist and environmentalist.


  • Niko, a German-Greek web developer, living in Budapest takes care of our digital products.


  • Virginia, an American-Chinese social media manager from L.A, complemented the international team.


It is precisely this internationality and inter-and multidisciplinarity that distinguishes the team from standing out in the fast, global times! The UGRE team does not want to accept the status quo; it tackles the problems head first. We want to create the most profitable, safest and most sustainable investment.


At the same time, we actively and directly play an exemplary role in environmental and climate protection and significantly enrich the city and society! This internationally experienced team has come together for this significant task!

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Toshi, you are awesome! Please continue like this, you are an asset to this world! Greetings, Marcel

Marcel Niehues CEO MN Fitness GmbH

He inspires with wit and spirit in his lecture, captivates his audience and makes complicated processes understandable - this only works if the speaker is fully committed to his topic and you can see that very clearly with Toshi Nishino. His appearance is inspiring and authentic. Unreserved recommendation!

Jens-J. Augustine CEO, safety engineer / QM auditor / SiGeKo AQuAs engineering office Augustin#

I saw Toshi Nishino live in Düsseldorf. I was very moved and inspired by his presentation - a clear recommendation.

Stefan Küthe CEO & owner Stefan Küthe training and coaching, author

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