We at Urban Gorilla are always on the hunt for best practices and innovative ideas to influence our thinking and our projects to create the best possible solutions for the inhabitants, the surrounding environment and the local ecosystem. However, sometimes taking a step back, taking a breath and learning from the past is crucial. 

Take Alterlaa, a best practice in Vienna envisioned by Austrian architect Harry Glück. It’s a residential park built between 1968 and 1985 and composed of 6 Buildings and 3.200 apartments in the city of Vienna. It features social clubs, tennis courts, rooftop swimming poos and, most prominently, lots and lots of greenery. Social inclusion, an incredible fostering of community, nature, calmness and a positive impact on the local microclimate are only a few outcomes. 
It’s a development worth studying and indeed a best practice from the past that rightfully has its place as one of the projects we are influenced by. 

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